A complete workout solution

Ready to make exercise a regular habit? Just connect the grips and bands to each other and enjoy effective workouts, tailor-made to your needs, that will help you build consistency.


Enjoy your workout anytime, anywhere! Take Trainme with you wherever you go and you will no longer be dependent on location or time. Go for your favorite fitness class, even from the edge of the world!

Real-time workout feedback Real-time workout feedback

Technical Specifications


Grips: 190x74x56mm (each)

Charging case: 280x182x82mm

Bands: 2250x38x17mm (each)

Full Case Weight

Grips: 1kg (each), 2kg (in total)

Full case weight: 3.5kg

Pouch with bands: 0.3kg


2-year limited warranty. This warranty does not cover any use of the product that is contrary to the use usually expected of the product.



Battery Life

Up to 8 hours of working out time.


Connect Trainme from your mobile to any smart screen you want. Our classes are compatible with any mobile phone or tablet. Mirror your mobile or tablet to any smart TV wirelessly and get training!

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